Whole Home Electrical Usage Analysis

The Green Energy Solutions Expert assigned to your home`s analysis will sit down with the home owner and family. Discuss probable problems areas in the way in which the consumer`s currently use their electrity.
Then he/she will start the analasys and kilo watt calculations to determine the properties
current energy consumption.

  >>Whole House kw per hour Analysis>>
          1. Measure homes kilo watt usage
          2. Eliminate all interior wall plugs being used (except A/C and Refregirator)
          3. Measure homes kilo watt usage again
          4. Find potential "phantom load" producing devices

  >>Detailed Report of Electrical usage>>
          1. Report outlines peak appliances
          2. Kilo watt per hour break down
          3. Kilo watt per hour savings monthly, yearly and mortgage life

  >>Determine best course of action>>
          1. Accurate list of energy loss removable devices
          2. Install client approved products

Thus giving the home owner the
knowledge and tools to
"Start Saving Green"

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