Whole Home Electrical
Consumption Analysis


Includes Analysis, Detailed Report and Product Installation.
 Analysis takes less than an hour.

 Power Sensing Strip
That sense when an item is turned off and then
automatically "pulls the plug" on all other
devices which consume hidden "phantom loads".

                The Power Sense Strip
                    1 control by 6 slave

                    Foot 14 Gauge Heavy-Duty Power Cord
                    45 Degree Angled Space Saver Plug                            
                    Ten Outlets Total
                    1 Control - Always Hot
                    3 Constant Hot - 1 Transformer, 2 Standard
                    6 Switched - 3 Transformer, 3 Standard

Household Electricity Monitoring Devices
 to put Your House on a Diet
and Save Power

Our Electricity Usage Monitors are easily installed in the electrical panel without the need to disconnect power and/or hire an electrician. Some have wireless transmitters that will then start broadcasting your energy usage to a remote digital display.
These monitors tell you how much power is being used in your home and/or show you how much total energy you have used (kWh meter, or watt per month meter). Ask your Green Energy Solutions expert for complete product list.

These Monitoring Products range from
$149 up to "The Sky is the Limit"

                Indoor Remote Control Systems
                          for "phantom load" wasting electronics

Indoor Remote Control for lights, small electronics and more from
the palm of your hand. Convenient wall holder allows you to mount the
Indoor Remote to your wall for convenient access and storage.

These systems range from
$34.95 up to "The Sky is the Limit"
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