"It Starts with Me"

   Following a Whole Home Electrical Consumption Analysis given by your
Green Energy Solutions expert.

The home owner and their family will have the information and tools needed to reduce the carbon footprint left for the next generation.
Our staff will then implement low cost products of the consumers choice, enabling them to
"Start Saving Green".

        Just in Smith County alone there are over 200,000 homes  losing on average  90 kilo watt hours per month. That equates to  over 1.5 million kilo watts  of electricity  wasted. The natural resources it takes to create that power is gone, it can not be replaced. Each and every person on earth is responsible for their own carbon footprint.

This is why at Green Energy Solutions we have developed a methodology that
we call "It Starts with Me '. If each and everyone of us will take the
responsibility to daily monitor and conserve our own personal electricity
 consumption, we can physically start to minimize our destruction
of earth`s natural resources.

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